Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - A Place To Develop
2010 Officers
Deacon Board
S. L. Demps - Chair/President
Harry Dickens - Vice Chair/ Vice President
Mothers & Deaconess
Mother Helen Wright- President
Mother Mozella White - Honorary
Mother Lelia Bullock
Mother Marjorie Wilson
Mother Rosie Arnold
Mother Alma Nelson
Mother Annie Lewis
Deaconesss Loretta Dickens- President
Trustee Board
Larry Pope - Chair
Shaquille Hewitt
S.L. Demps
Ricky Harris
Finance Committee
Denise Wilson - Financial Secretary
Raynette Armstrong -                       Assistant Financial Secretary 
Building Fund
Celia King
Church Secretary
Yolanda Pope
Church Clerk/Public Announcement
Holly Lacey
Pastor's Aide
Mary Cheatham - Chair
Raynette Armstrong
Eddie Wagner
Program Coordinators
Yolanda Pope - Pastor & Wife Anniversary
Mary Cheatam- Church Anniversary
Deaconess Loretta Dickens- Church Anniversary
Courtesy Committee/Greeter's
Senior Ushers
Mary Cheatham - President
Junior Ushers
Raynette Armstrong - Advisor
Praise Dancers
Kristin Jones
Women Affairs
Evanglist Dr. Linda K. White- President
Larry Pope
Culinary Committee
Yolanda Pope
Raynette Armstrong
Evangelistic Committee
Evangelist Evelyn Bowles
Administrative Assistant to the Pastor
Evangelist Linda K. White
Youth Director
Shaquille Hewitt - President
Raynette Advisor - Advisor
New Membership
Pastor Walter E. White
Budget Committee
Denise Wilson - Chair
Long Range Committee
Verlene Jones
Economic Development/Civic/Public Relations
Verlene Jones
Church Spoke Person
Verlene Jones
Sunday School Superintendent
Mary Cheatham
Sunday School Teachers
Pastor Walter E. White - Men
Evangelist Linda K. White - Women
Evangelist Evelyn Bowles - Women
Marjorie Glaspe
Vacation Bible School
Evangelist Linda K. White
Church Bereavement
Evangelist Linda K. White
Marjorie Glasper
Yashica Dale
Corrie Wagner
Minister of Music
Yashica Dale
Rickey Harris
Armonte Phillips
WEW Directors
Yolanda Pope
Holly Lacey
Denise Wilson
Church Website
Ashe' Ricketts
Media Ministry
Ashe' Ricketts
Larry Pope
Shaquille Hewitt
Inshallah Youth Choir
Ashe' Ricketts- President
Vachaune Cannon- Director
Officer Certifiacation
Pastor Dr. Walter E. White
Program Coordinator/Fundraiser
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